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Neal has been lecturing in a part time casual capacity at De Montfort University. Leicester, UK for the past five years.
Neal has just finished composing for a new instrument, the SPEAKER BRA & WIRELESS SHOVEL CONTROLLER with the London based Choreographer Danai Pappa. The peice is called COLD PAPAYA
While doing all this, he is developing new sculptural instruments for his part-time PhD in Music Technology and Innovation.

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Speaker Bra with Wireless Shovel Controller (Download Paper) for Cold Papaya

Speaker Bra Image Danai Pappa

FROZEN VENUS by Neal Spowage and Danai Pappa

FROZEN VENUS full version from Neal Unreal on Vimeo.


Filmed by Fraser West. Film and garments produced by Ania Sadkowska. Sound composed by myself.



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sib Conduit Leeds Clothworkers Centenery Hall By Neal Spowage and Danai Pappa









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